Get some good business from Zella.

How often do you wish you had a second opinion, or someone to call on for solid advice? Zella’s business advice and consulting is for such moments.

From small startups to burgeoning companies.

Whether you’re a small business startup or a burgeoning company with employees being added to the payroll daily, we can help. We take pride in passing on our business know-how in a way that is jargon-free and accessible.

Let's start a conversation about building your business.

The conversation will start with basic business advice and consulting, but can include any or all of the following:

  • Cash flow analysis and forecasting
  • Organisational structure
  • Management accounts and budgeting
  • Financial accounts including arrangements and audits
  • Taxation compliance
  • Provisions of a registered office
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Regular reporting and planning meetings
  • Management consulting

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Starting a business.

Starting a business is a lot like having a baby. Or a puppy. You need to get used to each other and establish a rhythm where you are, ideally, boss man or woman. The journey is going to be so much easier if you have solid support from people in the know. Zella can step into whatever role you need, whether it’s beside you at every step along the way, or available to you as you face challenges.

Zella’s advisory team will help you start your business with a structure that will last the distance, and with healthy culture and habits at the heart.

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Boost your business.

Let’s take your business to the next level. You might feel that your business has plateaued, that your business plan needs an update, or maybe things are just a little too comfortable. A chat with one of Zella’s business advisors will give you the tools to set your business soaring once more.

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