We offer a range of financial services to meet your needs.

Zella Wealth has the expertise to look at your unique situation and curate a plan that has flexibility for you, this may include one or many of the below services:

Financial plans and budgets

Let’s be strategic about your income and spending now, so that you have control of your future. Don’t worry, we’re not taskmasters. There’s a delicate balance between penny-pinching and saving with smarts. We’d love to be included in a conversation about what that looks like for you.


Let’s look at the fact that your wellbeing and ability to produce income are two of your most valuable assets. The car, house and valuables are insured, what about yourself? Zella Wealth can give you confidence that your assets and lifestyle are protected so that, if the unexpected happens, you won’t be back to square one.


Let’s talk about how super can help you right now, not just when you’re in the grey-nomadding way. Did you know that by being proactive about superannuation payments, you can reduce your personal income tax? That’s right, making deductible contributions to your super ensures all earnings received from assets are taxed at 15% (max.) instead of 45% plus levies. You can also use your super fund as a tax effective saving vehicle for your first home deposit. See, super is worth talking about today.

Tax minimisation

Let’s make sure you’re not paying more tax than you should be, whether you’re an individual or a small business. That’s right, we’re accountants too!

Investment and portfolio management

Let’s look at your assets and make sure they are managed in line with your financial plan. We’d love to see you confident about how they’re being managed and the decisions you are making.

Estate planning

Let’s be frank, life is fragile. And when a loved one dies, the last thing we want is to be sweating over money. We can make sure that doesn’t happen for you.


Savvy investment begins with a financial plan that fits like your favourite jeans. Zella Wealth brings the insight, resources and strategies to your kitchen table so that you can make confident decisions about where to invest your hard-earned dollars.

Start your journey with confidence. Let us help you build a sound investment strategy that’s not only smart, but works for you, continually checked against the current trends as they change. Just as your circumstances (and tastes for fashion) change, it makes sense that your investment strategy moves with you.