Enjoy your journey free from financial stress.

You can’t be ‘well’ in the full sense of the word when you’re worried about money. Financial stress has a way of seeping into every pore of our lives, sapping joy, energy and drive.

Stressed employees are less engaged, less productive and more likely to leave their roles.

This was the finding of research commissioned by insurance company AMP in 2016. Not only that, but financial stress costs Australian employers $47.2 billion in poor work performance and sick days.

This study, and others, affirm Zella’s holistic approach to wellness that sees health and wealth link arms. We help to drain the stress away by empowering you to make informed financial decisions, in the same way you make health decisions to eat cleaner or go for that jog (yes, you do!). Zella is here to support positive change and habits in both areas. 

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How do we do that?

Our workshops plug people into our breadth of experience in getting finances in great shape. They also typically involve a fitness, pilates or yoga class and some wholesome snacks.

We also love to come alongside employers to help create a safe and healthy workplace culture where employees feel empowered to take control of their stress levels. Research shows that organisations with highly engaged employees have 50% higher shareholder return. Furthermore, employees are significantly more productive and will take less sick leave when they are happy and stressless. Why not give us a call and see if we can’t tailor a package to address the needs of your organisation today? It’ll be fun!

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