A holistic approach to wealth management.

Zella [zell-ah] / noun. 1. lacking nothing, one who knows the way.

We know finance can be confusing and impersonal. We're here to provide a healthy, informed alternative to typical corporate financial businesses. Our goal is to assist, advise and educate in wealth management through a combination of financial planning and activities.

It's your journey.

We’re all about working alongside you so that money, know-how and health are never a barrier. We're driven by a simple idea to help you be the person you want to be. We'll be there for you to offer guidance and knowledge as you take the next steps toward an exciting future. After all. It's your journey.

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Straight up, we’re interested in a holistic approach to money management.

 We do financial services very well, but time and experience has taught us that bags full of cash don’t make the sun shine any brighter.

Zella not only gives you access to absolutely zinging financial advice, but also to wellness activities and benefits. Think yoga, gym membership, discounts at health food stores, and more. We’re also keenly interested in empowering you to make informed choices for your future.

Because it’s your journey, and we want to see you thrive. 

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