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Welcome to Zella, leaders in providing mortgage and asset finance solutions tailored for individuals at all stages of life. We take a holistic approach to money, empowering you with the tools and advice you need to make confident decisions.


We’re all about working alongside you so that money, know-how and health are never a barrier. We're driven by a goal to help you be the person you want to be. We'll be there for you to offer guidance and knowledge as you take the next steps toward an exciting future. After all. It's your journey.

It's your journey.

We know finance can be confusing and impersonal. We're here to provide a healthy, informed alternative to typical corporate financial businesses. Our goal is to assist, advise and educate through a combination of good quality advice and experience.

What we do...

My team does finance very well (and we've got the awards to prove it!), but time and experience has taught us that bags full of cash don’t make the sun shine any brighter.
I created Zella to not only give you access to absolutely zinging mortgages, finance options and asset finance, but also so you can access to a team who just get you. We’re also keenly interested in empowering you to make informed choices for your future.
Because it’s your journey, and we want to see you thrive. 

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Zella Money is ridiculously well positioned to survey your situation as a whole. Whether it’s mortgage broking, refinancing loans, debt consolidation or investment loans we are helping clients find so much more than just a low interest rate.

Getting you into your first, or third home!

Looking to grow your business? Want to buy a new car? We can help you understand your finance options and do all the legwork in sourcing the right loan for your needs. 
You’d like a new car? No worries. Whether those yearned-for new wheels are for business, adventure, zipping ‘round town or long Sunday arvo drives, Zella Money is here to help you finance that journey.

Asset Financing

We could help you..

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She's on the Money

Do we look familar? We aren't surprised! We get that a fair bit!
You might have seen us over on She's on the Money, a podcast that exists to empower people to take control of their financial situation. We're the number one business podcast in the country, and we'd love it if you joined our community of more than 1.2 million monthly listeners!


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 "I couldn't be more thankful for Cait's help and support. I would highly recommend her!"



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