it's your journey.

Yes, it is. You have dreams and goals – some of them a little bit hare-brained, others that you’ll sail into one day. Here at Zella, we’re all about working alongside you so that money, know-how and health are never a barrier. We're driven by a goal to help you be the person you want to be. We'll be there for you to offer guidance and knowledge as you take the next steps toward an exciting future. After all. It's your journey.

We're here for the journey.

We're not just talking about a coffee or purchasing a car at Zella. We're usually talking about what to do with your life savings, and that's big. We know what's standing in your way, the challenges you face and the hurdles in front of you - and we hold your hand through it all. We aren't here to just create a plan, we're here to become an integral part of your life. So no matter what stage of life you're in, we're here to make sure you take the next step with confidence. 

Meet the team

Victoria Devine is a multi-award-winning retired financial adviser and best-selling author. She is a young, influential, and driven entrepreneur who pushes the boundaries in not just the finance industry but in a number of charities and non-profit organisations.

Honest, relatable, non-judgemental, and motivating, Victoria knows what millennial life is really like and where we can get stuck with money stuff.


Founder and director of Zella Money

Cait Bransgove is an award winning Finance Broker, on a mission to help make as many peoples dreams come true as possible. Cait started out with a passion of wanting to help educate people on how to buy their first home, and has now been recognised as an industry leading Finance Broker in the Australian Broking Awards.
Cait was only 20 years old when she bought her first home and now multiple properties later is on a mission to help others achieve the same. Every aspect of her job is an aspect that she loves, from personally guiding first home buyers every step of the way, to helping experienced buyers refinance or helping investors grow their investment portfolio.

cait bransgrove

Director of Zella Money



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